Laimushka: Rococo Velvet Bags from Stockholm

I often find bucket bags somehow impractical, yet they still always catch my eyes ... same with this dreamy design by Laimushka.

Laima and Alex presented their first bag collection in 2014 at the Fashion Week in Riga in collaboration with the fashion brand M-Couture. Meanwhile, the two Latvians have moved to Stockholm, where they now also manufacture their bags and jewelry inspired by "interiors and costumes of the Rococo era, jazz music, post-impressionism paintings and the scent of the Mediterranean coastline". And this is exactly the look and feel of their products: These velvet bags with the chesterfield design immediately make me think of smoky rooms, old armchairs and good books.

Little draw-back: The Pompoms are unfortunately made of genuine fox fur - I am sure that there is high quality artificial fur to make these little design add-ons in a cruelty-free way. However, the bags can also be ordered without the pompoms.