The 6 Most Beautiful Ethical Swimwear One-Pieces On Sale

1. Araks Melika One Piece Swimsuit with Bow

A black, minimailistic single-shoulder one piece swimsuit. The versatile wide ties at the back can worn as a sophisticated knot or a romatic bow. Araks designs and produces its ethical swimwear line in New York in limited quantities from high quality Italian fabrics - organic, where possible.

This swimsuit can be bought here on sale for 30% off.

2. Agua Bendita Neblina One-Piece

This eye-catching high-neck one piece with a color-blocking pattern has an open back and waist cut-outs. The luxury swimwear of this brand is handmade by hundreds of Colombian artisan workers.

Thic color-blocking swimsuit is sold out on the official Agua Bendita Website but still available here on sale for 30% off.

3. Sun Sea Salt Total Eclipse Crochet One Piece

This incredible crochet swimsuit from the Polish swimwear brand Sun Sea Salt is all handmade with a special material based on microfiber and elastane so the swimsuit doesn’t lose its shape under water and dries fast when back on land.

This swimsuit can be bought here on sale for 10% off.

4. SURO Gamma Swimsuit

Another one shoulder and cut-out colour-block swimsuit, this time with a minimalistic approach. SURO is a sustainable swimwear label based in Mallorca with a clean and effortless take on timeless swimsuits made in Spain with high quality Italian recycled fabrics.

The swimsuit is available here. For a discount of 10% for your first purchase use the code WELCOME10.

5. OYE Signatiure Collection

Oye is clearly my all-time-favorite luxury ethical swimwear brand. All pieces of their Signature Collection feature a unique combination of mesh and cut-outs to create one-of-a-kind, seductive swimsuits . Each one-piece is handcrafted of the highest quality fabrics in a studio in the heart of Istanbul.

The collection is available here with a discount of 27% on the entire collection (no sale is indicated on this page, but the products are much more expensive on other websites, including

6. Tuhkana Dune One-Piece

This beautiful strapless swimsuit either in plain white or in the color Desert Lizard is made by Chicago-based brand Tuhkana. Tuhkana only uses sustainable, bio-degradable fabrics and is dedicated to a zero waste as well as CO2 Control practices. Their swimwear is handmade in Brazil.

The swimsuits can be bought here on sale for 25% off.