Mara Hoffmann: Fall 2017 Collection

The brand Mara Hofmann just launched its new Fall 2017 collection and some of the pieces are one-of-a-kind. While the majority of clothes today are plain-colored, Mara Hoffmann has no qualms about creating clothes that look like as if they have been inspired by elegant clowns and minimailist mermaids. Sounds weird? Yes. Can they pull it off? For sure. See for yourselves in the gallery below.

While the company did not start out as a sustainable fashion brand back in 2000, they have been moving towards ethical fashion for a few years now. In addition to using sustainlable and ecological fabrics like Econyl, Tencel, GOTS-certified cotton or Birla viscose, the label uses processes to reduce water usage and fabric waste, and works in partnership with artisans to create socially and environmentally-responsible employment.