Bruna Abreu: Embroidered hats

Two years ago I was looking for Burning-Man-suitable clothes and finally ended up on the website of Bruna Abreu who creates crazy headdresses and sophisticated hats. The brown hat with the delicate, colorful rose embroidery (first picture below) was immediately wishlisted - and still is.

The young Brazilian designer grew up between selfmade clothes and sewing machines as the daughter of a seamstress and already developed a passion for creating clothes very early on. After graduating in fashion design from FUMEC university in her hometown Belo Horizonte in Brazil, she worked for brands like Joel & Son Stoffe (London), Ronaldo Fraga, Printing und Cris gearbeitet.

After founding her own label Bruna Abreu in 2013 and presenting her clothes and accessories at several fashion evens in São Paulo, Abreu finally started with the creation of her hat collection: Her handmade ethical fashion pieces are decorated with unique prints or embroidery and feature a chic and extravagant look, yet are still wearable in everyday life... that is if you can deal with all the attention of passers-by these hats will attract.