THEY New York: Minimalistic Design Sneakers

I'm not a sneakers fan. Years ago in high school, I once owned a pair of Nike Cortez with a red-to-white gradient swoosh, and that was pretty much it ... instead, brogues have always been my thing. Something else I have always liked is minimalistic art that soothes the mind.

THEY New York, an up-and-coming sneaker label from the Big Apple, have succeeded in developing simple sneakers that have exactly this effect as well: their white shoes look like geometric artworks.

The sneaker brand was founded by three friends living in Manhattan, who share a passion for a minimalist design characterized by practical functionality as well as sophisticated aesthetics. Their primary goal was to express their appreciation for the beauty of simplicity through a strong reduction of the visual language that is nevertheless impressive through the clever combination of form and color.

The striking feature of THEY is unquestionably the geometric design which embraces the whole silhouette of the shoe. In order to achieve this distinctive look and meet the requirements of a flowing design, the founders, who can look back on more than 30 years of family competence in the Japanese shoe industry, rely on genuine craftsmanship: while in the traditional shoemaking trade the upper part and the sole are produced separately and then put togehter, THEY's craftsmen stitch the upper half of the shoe carefully by hand to the tailor-made, two-color sole so that the uniform design of the clear, minimalistic graphics is not broken by the slight inaccuracies of machines.

Depending on the model, the shoes are made of high-quality nappa leather or canvas made of 100% organic cotton and feature a padded ankle area and a supporting inner sole for added comfort. They are delivered with dust bags and an extra pair of waxed laces.