Lathe: A design furniture collection from outer space

The desire to discover hidden places

Alice in Wonderland was always one of my favorite movies as a child, and I wished I could just jump into a rabbit hole to discover a crazy world full of creatures and disproportionate things. The passageway to a miraculous fantasy land does not always have to include a rabbit whole though: The furniture of a Dutch designer Sebastian Brajkovic will supposedly suck you into another dimension as well.

When distortion becomes interior design art

Distortion is usually something we don’t associate with beauty, but as always, there are exceptions to the rule. Brajkovic creates unbelievable contemporary design chairs that give you the impression that materials like wood and bronze were as flexible as chewing gum. The seating surfaces and backrests are built in such an elaborate way that when you just take a quick look at the furniture creations, you’ll assume that what you’re seeing is a surreal photoshopped interior design picture from a digital artist.

Incredible design furniture inspired by a computer program

And this is exactly where it all started: The Dutch furniture designer took his inspiration from the world’s most famous photo editor program, or to be more precise, the function that lets you infinitely drag pixels as long as you want. Brajkovic first started the Lathe collection for his diploma thesis at the design Acadamy Eidhoven in the Netherlands in 2006. From there, he continuously expanded the series with new, mind-bending interior products such as tables, lamps, chairs, couches and benches, with each item featuring the dragged and distorted swirl element that unmistakably identifies Brajkovic’s unique design work and makes you believe that wormholes really exist.

Beautiful art chair from a Dutch designer
Incredible design chair
Incredible interior design collection from a Deutch artist
Beautiful design furniture that looks like photoshopped
Lathe interior design collection by Dutch artist
beautiful design chair from Brajkovic's lathe collection
Dutch artist Brajkovic creates incredible chairs, sofas, and benches that look like photoshopped
Dutch contemporary furniture design collection that fuses furniture with distortion
Golden Bench from Brajkovic in his signature style
Lathe collection by Brajkovic
Beautiful design chair by a Dutch artist