POPORCELAIN: Contemporary Porcelain Jewelry

Play Doh creations and clay modelling for the entire family

Play dough and clay make up quite a few of my childhood memories. I honestly don’t remember too much from the good old days, but what I surely can remember are the hundreds of Play Doh figures I brought to life with appendages like hands, noses, eyes, and the occasional accessory such as a hat, which I would stick into play dough bodies I had just formed (the word “bodies” might be being generous; in the beginning of my Play-Doh career, they were more like disfigured round masses). After my motor skills became a little more sophisticated, I started going to clay courses, and it seems like there’s not a single person in my family (extended family included) who doesn’t now own either a little bowl or oil diffuser that I created. 😃

Why porcelain is so distinguishable from all other jewelry making materials

Even though my Play Doh and pottery days have been over for more than two decades, I am still fascinated by formable material. Unlike precious metals or gem stones, which hold their value even when they are raw, the composition of porcelain, at least at first, is nothing more than dirt. It needs to be conceived, shaped and fired before it can become valuable. This turns porcelain into a beautiful metaphor for so many things in our lives: to create something lasting and meaningful, it takes hard work and effort, and the personal conviction that even the most unlikely, seemingly useless, things can be turned into something beautiful.

Handmade necklaces and earrings by an emerging designer

Kay Jiaqi Zhou, the founder of POPORCELAIN, is a master of this kind of refining. Since a few months, the Denmark-based designer turns high-quality clay into incredibly beautiful and delicate porcelain jewelry: All POPORCELAIN pieces are handmade and go through a similar process of designing, handcrafting, drying, glazing, sanding, assembling, and packaging. So, as you can imagine, every piece of POPORCELAIN item is a true little work of art, containing dozens of working hours.The former product designer chose clay to be the main material of all collections in order to create jewelry a little different from usual designs that touches peoples minds and souls. This is also the explanation for the jewerly brand's name: 'PO' stands for 'a soul' in the Chinese character '魄'.

These are a few of my favorite porcelain jewelry pieces by Kay, who, by the way, learned the pottery craft first in China and then practiced for hundreds of hours by herself:


You can find a few more designs in the shop, including the Moonlight Rose Earrings, which I chose for myself. And by the way, the little bowl with the rose (yes, it's supposed to be a rose) you can see in the pictures below is one of the few childhood creations I made that my parents kept for themselves. 😊

Beautiful ceramics earrings with a rose
contemporary porcelain jewelry from Denmark
beautiful handmade golden rose porcelain earrings from an emerging Danish designer
Poporcelain handmade porcelain jewelry form a Danish designer
Beautiful golden roses earrings from a porcelain jewelry designer
porcelain rose earrings from an emerging danish designer in a handmade ceramics bowl