This artist takes photographs of color poured into water

While there are people who love to watch Instagram videos where sand gets cut with knives (admittedly, I can barely look away either 😊), I've always liked to watch how paint melts away. Irrespective of whether it’s water color, ink on blotting paper, or shimmering rainbow colors in gasoline puddles, these slow movements have something soothing and wonderful, which I can hardly take my eyes of.

For this reason, I am an admirer of the work of Alex Nero. While artists usually mix color with water and then paint their artworks on canvas, this American artist living in New York has a different approach: he pours the color into vessels filled with water and then photographs it. His pictures show beautiful, flowing formations that leave the audience with the impression that the color is still in motion. To look at his pictures is like lying in a meadow and gazing into the clouds: Everyone discovers new figures and meanings.