Beautiful shoe accessories from Lithuania to decorate your footwear

Tapi Tapi Shoe accessories brand from Lithuania

Jelena and Liudmila share a weakness that quite a few women have: the two friends love shoes, or, to put it more accurately, they LOOOOOOVE them, as they claim on their website. I personally am no shoe addict - in fact, I'm a long way from needing a separate room (or even a shoe closet) for my footwear collection, but I still found the idea of Tapi Tapi so sweet that I had to reach out to the two Lithuanian designers to learn more about their young brand.

The idea to create jewelry for footwear

How it all started? Both of the founders have little kids, and as a result, they prefer to move with comfort. Before starting their footwear brand, the soon-to-be designers mostly wore the same three or four pairs of sneakers and slip-ons to discover the world with their children, and despite owning plenty of other shoes to choose from, their shoes of the non-sneaker-non-slip-on variety slowly started to gather dust.

This insight was the starting point that led to the idea of designing shoe decorations of different shapes and forms to add style to the shoes that they actually wore all the time. The first shoe charm model the two friends designed was 'Silky', a big fringe bow in black color, since they wanted to create something not only classy and elegant, but also eye-catching. Jelena told me that the 'Silky' shoe clips have seen many transformations during the development process, but now they are very happy with the result. Actually, the tassels in all colors are still Jelena’s favorites – she loves how easily they can be combined to create different looks, over and over again. Liudmila’s favorite shoe jewelry items are the pom pom shoe clips, added to the collection at a later point, since she likes how fluffy and soft they are.

Tapi Tapi: A beautiful emerging brand for shoe accessories

As the shoe decorations of Tapi Tapi became more and more popular in Lithuania, people started using them to accessorize different parts of their outfits, too: one man bought the green Silky shoe clip to wear as a hat pin, while an elderly lady used the tassels as jewelry for her belt. If you have your own combinations in mind and want to decorate your shoes, a selection of TAPI TAPI shoe jewelry is available in the online shop: from beautiful bow clips for shoes, tassel charms to upgrade your shoe lace design or create fringe sandals, to colorful fur pom pom clips and laser cut leather fringe accessories, you’ll find an embellishment for every taste and footwear style.

And by the way, if you're ever in Vilnius, Lithuania, the Tapi Tapi founders recommend a visit to Zoe’s Bar&Grill, a very cozy place with a mix of Swedish, Oriental and European cuisine, and also the restaurant Stebuklai, which means ‘miracle’ in Lithuanian – Jelena affirmed that in this place, you will definitely taste a miracle on a plate!

The knee stockings are from bachHOCH2.