Little Bag Games

I’ve always liked simple bags that come with clear shapes, rich hues, and even better, with fringes (fringessss, baby!). While I’m still a fan of geometric patterns and understatement with an emphasis on quality rather than trends, I seem to be undergoing a change in taste at the moment as I regularly catch myself staring at fashion accessories with loud colors, crazy features, and quirky details.

A label that suits my new need for noise is les petits joueurs, founded by Florence-born Maria Sole Cecchi. Just playing around with some lego bricks and an old bag that she then took on a Parisian night excursion, the soon-to-be designer hit the nail on the head: the amazing feedback was the start of a career that subsequently peaked in the first prize of the Vogue Talents competition.

My clear favorites are all the bags with eyes – I can't help but imagine how the voice of each little bag creature might sound, or how they silently talk to each other and gossip about the newest arrogant big-brand trend bag while dangling on the arms of two friends having a chat in a bar.

All pictures © les petits joueurs