Handmade ceramic cups with a unique design

We all love coffee and the benefits of caffeine

When I browse through social media, it seems like the entire world is addicted to the most traded raw material on the planet: Coffee (yes, before even oil). Every tenth picture is either a nicely presented table with a cup of the steaming dark brew as the star of the arrangement, or a quote in lovely swinging lettering stating that coping with everyday life would be simply impossible without a cup of coffee. It is somehow pretty funny that all of mankind seems to be indulging in something that is originally designed to destroy: Coffee plants developed caffeine to protect themselves from insects - the alkaloid is kind of a natural insecticide.

Stunning tumblers and mugs from a Finnish ceramic designer

Anyway, if you are looking for a nice container to take part in the international coffee presentation game, I have a suggestion for you: The “The Fold” tumbler of Nasukisu. I discovered this special cup while browsing through pinterest, and to me, this cup is like people that we personally believe are incredibly beautiful, even though they have some features that are usually considered to be flaws. The delicate bend of the porcelain tumbler, combined with the gold unevenly applied to the rim and dripping into the glass, are exactly what make this design piece one-of-a-kind. For those among you who like it a little edgy and grotesque, the “The Bite – Shine” mug with a set of teeth as a handle and a shining gold crown tooth as the icing on the cake, might be the preferred choice.

These very instagrammable cups are handmade by Susanna Setälä, a Finnish glass and ceramic designer, who now lives in Berlin. You can buy her beautiful and playful tableware here.