The B-Wax Project: Shoot #1

Andy Gawlowski is an accomplished freelance photographer from Zurich who focuses on travel and street photography. Completely self-taught, the engineer regularly embarks on month-long journeys, during which he captures scenic landscapes and people in their everyday life with an incredible eye for detail and beauty.

I was introduced to Andy by friends and from that very moment began eagerly following his Instagram account. At the time, Andy filled his feed slowly but steadily with incredible snapshots from his former journey through Morocco, some of which were discovered and published by websites like Spiegel Online and Lonely Planet. One of his photos even got chosen to be among the TOP 50 of the Sony World Photography Awards 2017 in the category "Travel".

Before Andy leaves for a 6-month-adventure to discover South America, we will be working together on the B-Wax Project, which is about combining my love for emerging fashion and art with his way of doing street photography. We are both very excited to show you the result of the first shoot! And by the way, if you know of any special places to photograph in or around Zurich, please drop us a note!

Special thanks to VERA for the amazing jewelry (available here) by Filipino Designer Ken Samudio, who creates jewelry from recycled plastic bottles (read a portray about him in this post), and Another Project for designing such fantastic shoes.

By the way, if you are a designer or artist yourself and would like to partake in our project with your label, shoot us a text here!