Metallic leather jackets and clear statements from an Indian designer

I don‘t know of many fashion designers from India, but Dhruv Kapoor is a name that stuck with me ever since I first spotted his chunky Brando leather jacket in Pink Metallic. It is already an eye-catcher to begin with, but it was the striking white zipper string with the inscription I GOT HOT SAUCE IN MY BAG that gave me a crush on this piece. These completely random details add – as Kapoor perceptively calls it –  “a sense of detachment and revolution of the new millennium” to his creations and are the quirky icing on the cake of an otherwise successful combination of luxury and sportswear elements.

Below you find my favorite looks of his SS17 collection. Click here to browse through older seasons and I suggest that you check out Kapoor's online store. His fashion is absolutely wearable and also very reasonably priced (between ca. $90 and $415).

All photos © Dhruv Kapoor