Retro Punk: Sustainable suitcases with a beautiful vintage look

We pack our travel bags pretty frequently

Traveling the world is a passion that most of us share—especially in Switzerland, which belongs to the group of countries whose citizens are among the most traveled in the world. I suppose that fact should come as no surprise, given that if you start driving in any direction in Switzerland, you’re almost guaranteed to be in another country in a matter of hours.  

Most luggage bags look cheap

Most luggage sets are just plain boring, if not ugly – a fact that is somewhat surprising, given the trend of restyling everyday items and that probably every household owns a suitcase. This is also what Sandra and Caglar thought when they were searching for the perfect travel gear. And when they couldn’t find exactly what they were looking for, they decided to design a suitcase collection of their own.

Top quality suitcases in a beautiful retro design

Based on their love for retro designs, the Swiss couple combined the retro lifestyle feel of the past with the technical possibilities of today, to create a beautiful retro suitcase collection with a touch of punk (there are some colors shouting out "I don't hide !"). You dress up for your beloved city trips, so why not also travel in style with Retro Punk. Picture complete!

The suitcases are available in two sizes: a large suitcase for big adventures, and a carry-on for your weekend trips (which, incidentally, also serves perfectly as a kids’ suitcase).  They come in eight bright, vibrant colors that leave nothing to be desired – there is even a pink suitcase! Further, all luggage bags are composed of a sturdy hard shell body made of recycled () PVD, adjustable straps and buckles, an extendable trolley handle, TSA-approved locks and 4 wheels, to seamlessly glide next to you while you set off on a new adventure (or, my version: run through the airport to catch the flight you are about to miss). As a little side note, none of the materials are made of leather, so the suitcases are completely vegan.


Click to see all colors (hint: there are more colors than shown above 😉 )


The best affordable suitcases for individualists

If you’re looking for ultra-budget luggage, these retro suitcases might not do the trick, but with EUR 339 for a carry-on or EUR 139 for a messenger and in light of the special design, they are still way more affordable than many other designer travel bags since, as the founders truthfully claim: Style is not a question of price but of taste.

So if you are an admirer of high quality, retro design, sustainable products and endless trips to discover the world, you might have just found yourself a new travel buddy! 😊

 Beautiful vintage design luggage set - lightweight 4 wheel suitcase and kids suitcase or messenger
 4 wheel suitcases in retro look out of sustainable material