7 Ethical Fashion Statement Ankle Boots That Are Perfect For Fall

1. Nightfall Boots- By BLANCH

By BLANCH is an ethical and vegan brand who produces cruelty-free boots in Spain. Their shoes are made of high quality Italian synthetic leather based on polyurethane whose production complies with strict environmental protection standards. The insoles are made with a durable and eco-friendly micro-perforated material for an optimal air flow to help the feet breathe properly.

These boots are available here.

For more sustainable and vegan shoes made of pineapple leather, check my post here.

 vegan boots with bold buckles produced ethically in spain by by blanch

2. Lawrence - LAX

LAX is a contemporary footwear design brand based in Tel Aviv, Israel. They manufactures all their incredible design shoes in a small, family run factory in Tel Aviv and produce in a small scale with a professional crew of artisans. I love the Lawrence boot for its clean silhoutette and wooden wedge platform, but it might not be the right choice for an ordinary working day - for boots more suited for everyday life but with a no less distinct aestitic look, check out their page - plus, some of the shoes are currently on sale.

These boots are available here.

 beautiful statement boot with wooden platform heel made in tel aviv - ethical fashion

3. Take Me To The Moon Boots - Guava

The design of this special boot absolutely lives up to its dreamy name. The unusual combination of deep blue velvet and a transluscent, architectual heel was designed in Portugal by Ines Caleiro, a London Fashion School Graduate with an obvious love for geometry, architecture and clear silhouettes. The shoes are handmade by Portuguese artisans.

These boots are available here.

 beautiful guava boot made of velvet with transluscent block heal

4. Buckled Burgundy Lace Up Ankle Boots - INCH2

These burgundy ankle boots with a decorative front buckle are handcrafted in Latvia. Next to other very classic ankle boots, all made with high-quality leather from Italy and Holland by skilled craftsmen, INCH2 creates a lot of very colorful statement brogues. If you like flashy shoes, check them out here.

These boots are available here.

 burgundy ankle boots with front buckle by a latvian label sustainable fashion

5. Square Toe Ankle Boot - NEOUS

These unconvetional boots with a spheric heel were designed by NEOUS, a London based design footwear brand that draws its inspiration from the Bauhaus movement and crafts all their incredible designs in Italy with high quality leather and carved wood.

Contact the brand here.

 statement ankle boots by neous with spheric heel ethical fashion

6. Ring Middle Boots - Reike Nen

These sleek, nude boots with a statement zipper in the back are by Reike Nen, a contemporary footwear design brand with a rather uncommon base: South Korea. The bold and minimalistic shoes are designed by Rei Yoon Hongmi and ethically made in Seoul by skilled and fairly paid craftsmen.

These boots are available here.

 ring boots by seoul based ethical fashion brand Reike nen

7. Carlota Yellow Suede Boots - Miista

Miista is a shoe brand based in Hackney, London, that focuses on feminine boots, most of them featuring patterns, interesting colors - and memory foam insoles. Even though the shoe label, whose boots all are manufactured by hand in Alicante, Spain,  currently offers a lot of beautiful ankle boots, but I allow myself to cheat a little in this last feature. Not really an ankle boot anymore, I still wanted to include the beautiful "Carlota Boot" in uplifting, yellow suede in this selection.

These boots are available here.

 beautiful ethical fashion boots in bright yellow suede handcrafted in spain