Interview With the Founders of MeDusa, a Vegan Bag Brand

Unfortunately, leather is by far still the main material used in the production of bags. Plastic definitely also has major drawbacks, but I support every attempt to transform plastic waste into design. That’s why I think what Gili Rozin Tamam and Adi Gal are doing is a step to the right direction.

What was the key experience for founding your label MeDusa?

MeDusa was born by me (Gili) and Adi Gal. We studied together at Shenkar college of engineering and design in the Jewelry design department, became friends during that time, and started working on projects together in our third year. In the last year, we designed a collection for ITS - International Talent Support - in Italy, and we were chosen as one of ten finalists. This was the key experience that made me know for sure that I wanted to work in a team with Adi and to create a brand and a design language together.

The main things that make our work and the MeDusa brand so special are the materials and the techniques we are working with. When I made the first sheet of recycled plastic with these reliefs, I knew there was something crazy and great in my hands that I wanted to transform into a real product - and that I wanted take this journey with Adi, whose design aesthetic is different from my own. That dynamic is what makes our collaborations so good and accurate.

Can you give us some background on your creative process? Where do you find inspiration?

Our work process is hard to describe. Adi and I hold design meetings, create inspiration boards, take a lot of pictures, and do plenty of research - but because we are friends and neighbors, and our children often play together, we hang out a lot in our free time, and sometimes great ideas just arise in completely unexpected places. We live in Tel Aviv... design, dance and theater is everywhere. Walking the streets here is everything a designer could ever wish for: inspiration on every corner.

What materials do you use and how and where are the products manufactured?

The material used to make the bags comes in Israeli-made smooth sheets made of 90% recycled plastic and 10% color pigment. The sheets are sent to a factory to go through the industrial process of heat impression, where each bag receives its own imprint and pattern according to our design. Once the plastic is imprinted, it’s sewn and fastened to the hardware and lining. Our bags are 100% vegan and recyclable, made in Tel Aviv and we attach great importance to fair trade.

By the way, there MeDusa is currently offering a 15% discount for Halloween.