8 Products Made Of Vegan Pineapple Leather

Have you guys ever heard of Piñatex? Piñatex is a new, very strong yet soft textile made from pineapple leaves fibres that can be easily cut, stitched and printed on. The textile is made from waste plant fibres from the pineapple harvest and gets transformed into a natural and sustainable leather-alternative during the manufacturing process. Thus, making Piñatex does not need any extra water, fertilizers or pesticides while creating new income potential for countries that grow pineapples.

Curious how this new material looks like? Below you find 8 beautiful products made of this vegan leather:

Nanà d'or - Lahay

This fair-trade and sustainable brand based in Mexico created beautiful gold and black color blocking boots of the vegan leather alternative.

The boots are available here.


Sneak V Silver by Po-Zu

These silver sneakers from Po-Zu, an award-winning sustainable footwear brand, feature a removable memory-foam inner sole. Next to ethical manufacturing, Po-Zu donates 10% of their net sales to charities.

The sneakers are available here.


Time IV Change - TIVC Watch Piñatex Band

This vegan, cruelty-free, eco friendly and ethical watch brand uses the soft yet durable natural fibre crafted from pineapple leaves as material for their watch straps and donates a portion of their profits from every sold watch to charity.

This watch is available here.


Piñatex Collection - Votch

Votch created an entire collection with straps made of the sustainable, vegan friendly material created from pineapple leaf fibres. Votch supports a a new charity every 3 months.

The collection is available here.


Piñatex Backpack by smith.matthias

This London based design studio aims to design responsible and purposeful products with a love of natural, sustainable materials that are enduring and age with grace - this is why they chose Piñatex as material for their vegan backpacks.

This product is available here.



Ludwig Piñatex by INA KOELLN

INA KOELLN combines aesthetics with fairness and transparency. This practical, compact backpack created of soft but robust, anthracite Piñatexand black leather substitute is handmade in Portugal.

This product is available here.


Piñatex Backpack - Herdentier

Herdentier creates beautiful and simple vegan bags in Germany. This backpack with adjustable straps is made from Piñatex and a stylish and ongoing every day companion.

The backpack is available here.


Spider Chair - Tamasine Osher Design

London-based Tamasine Osher creates stunning, limited edition furniture pieces. One of the most outstanding feautres of this beautiful design chair is that it can be ordered with upholstery in Piñatex.

Prices can be requested here.