A new curvy Italian bag brand

When I saw the signature bag models “Curve” of Avanblanc, a new Italian luxury brand, for the first time, they somehow reminded me of caterpillars. The resemblance of the wavy outline of the bags and the forward movement of these little pre-butterfly creatures was the first thing that struck my mind, and, just saying, this is actually a pretty big compliment: As a child, I would go to meadows with my small butterfly factbook to look for caterpillars, so I could take them home in a little bucket, feed them with fresh leaves, and watch them spin a cocoon out of silk so they could pupate and emerge as completely new insects. This was one of my dearest leisure activities ever, so I guess a bag that is reminiscent of an awesome childhood is a good thing :)

Anyway, the leather caterpillars below are called 'Avanblanc Curve', brought to life by bag designer Francesca Calistri, manufactured entirely in Italy, and have great potential to become the favorite piece of all of us who have a penchant for playful, non-typical forms, thick, gorgeous leather, and true craftsmanship.

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Photos: avanblanc.com