11 of my favorite deisgn chairs

The Occasion For the first time in quite a while, I am planning to move into my own four walls again - and I’m not talking about a real estate purchase, but just a normally rented apartment. In the last few years, I’ve always sub-leased furnished flats: It just happened too often that I would completely furnish a place, from the smallest spoon to the monster wardrobe, just to end up selling the whole household a few months later - for a fraction of the original value - because I moved to another country again.

The First-Born However, there was one single piece of furniture that I always kept, and during my absences, it spent time in several of my friends’ basements, only to find its way back to me again and again: My small Diamond Chair from Bertoia. Now that my own apartment is within reach again, I am really looking forward to one thing: getting this chair a lot of new friends. Because although I have appreciated the flexibility and freedom of renting furnished apartments, the furnishings of sub-leased places rarely meet your own taste.

The Fetish Soon I can finally choose my interior as I see fit, and I am already surfing the internet for hours on end to discover treasures for my future domicile. One thing that really became clear now: I am a seat furniture fetishist and could fill my entire apartment with only stools, chairs, and sofas.

Useless Knowledge To build an Ikea chair independently is the highest discipline in artificial intelligence research. So far, no robot has succeeded.

Dress: H&M Trend | Knee Stockings: bachHOCH2 | Chair: Bertoia Diamond Chair