9 Outstanding Design Vases

I have never been much of an indoor plant or bouquet person, but I am going to change that in 2017: In the past few days, I found these design vases on a little stroll through the world wide web and can't wait to acquire one or two out of the selection I show you below this note. Each and every one of them is unbelievably beautiful and creative - I sometimes can't believe how the designers out there can dream up all these different shapes and forms to fulfil a purpose as simple as "holding flowers".

These outstanding containers don't even need flowers in them to embellish a home. However, I definitely plan to (at least in the beginning) let the vases live up to their full flower-holding-potential. It hasn't even snowed yet and it will be months before the warm season wakes up from hibernation, but I'm already tired of the northerly winds, scratchy wool sweaters, and numb toes (still waiting for shoes with heated insoles!).

Time to bring some spring into these four walls!

1. Falke Svatun's Tumble Vase

Discover 9 outstanding design vases


2. Studio EO's Indefinite Vase

This design vase will blow your mind


3. Dubokk's Stem Vase

incredible minimalistic design vase


4. Lee Broom's Podium Vase

the most beautiful design vases


5. Paolo dell'Elce's Via Fondazza Vase

outstanding design vases - interior design


6. Yukihiro Kaneuchi's Sand Vase

stunning design vases for your home


7. OOOMS's Schizo Vase

discover these stunning design vases


8. Tom Dixon's Beat Vessels

awesome design vases


9. Tania da Cruz's Wig Vase

the most creative design vase
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